Neo Smartpen M1+ with Neo Notes and PaperTube Companion App – Bluetooth Pen Digitizing Handwriting to Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers (Navy)

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Product Description


navy pennavy pen







Customize Your Notes

Add color and personality to your notes through the NeoNotes App. The app supports up to 15 languages and works with many cloud and notetaking apps, including Evernote, Adobe Creative Cloud, One Note, and Google Drive. Within the app, search your notes by date, tags, or keywords.

Increased Writing Time

The M1+ has a more efficient battery than previous Neo smartpens. Compared to the M1, it provides three times the amount of normal writing hours on a single charge, automatically turning on and off when you open and close the pen cap.

Collaborate With Others

Collaborate with co-workers and classmates by showcasing everyone’s notes in real time on the NeoNotes App. Simply email someone a page from your notebook by checking the email icon found on the outer corner of your page.

Neo Smartpen M1+


Technical Specs:

Compatible With: Android 5.0+, iOS 8.1+, Windows 10 PC, equipped with Bluetooth 4.0

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 (CLASSIC/BLE), Micro-USB 2.0

Internal Storage: 100MB (Up to 1000 Sheets)

Power Source: 3.7V 280mAh Li-Po Battery

Weight: 17.9 g

Bluetooth Pen That Digitizes Handwriting to Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers

The Neo Smartpen M1+ digitizes your important memos (and doodles) with its built-in optical sensor that captures your writing from NCode paper then transfers the data via the Neo Notes app. The Neo Notes app is equipped with a Transcribe function, which allows you to convert any handwriting into digital text, and you can download other languages to be transcribed as well.

Compared to the first M1 pen, the M1+ offers three times the usage hours thanks to an optimized battery. The M1+ also boasts an auto-on/off function, which isn’t available with other models. The pen automatically turns on when you take off the cap, then goes into standby mode when not in use.

All Neo Smartpens have built-in storage space so you can save your handwriting now and transfer the pen data later when you are online. Additionally, these pens use standard D1 pen tips and can be replaced when the ink cartridge is empty.


Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher/iOS 8.1 or higher BT 4.0/Window 10

Android Kitkat 4.4, BT 2.1/iOS 8.1, BT 4.0

Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 or higher/iOS 8.1 or higher


Bluetooth 4.2 (CLASSIC/BLE)

Bluetooth 4.2 (CLASSIC/BLE)

USB 2.0 (Micro USB)/Bluetooth 4.0


Li-po battery 3.7V/280mAh

Rechargeable Li-po battery 3.7V/280mAh


Charge Time

90 minutes

90 minutes

120 minutes

Writing Time

18 hours

6 hours

6 hours


149.6mm (except Pentip), Thickness 10.4~10.9mm / 17.6g

Length 149.6mm(excluding pen cap ), Thickness 10.4~10.9mm / 17.4g

Length 156.6mm, Thickness 11.5mm / 22g

Digitizes Analog Writing – The Neo Smartpen M1+ features an optical sensor that captures your handwriting on an NCode paper and converts it to digital file with the use of the companion app.
Companion App – Download Neo Studio, Neo Notes or PaperTube from App Store / Google Play and sync your M1 Plus. These apps allow you to transfer the pen data to your computer or tablet. (Note: M1+ has built-in memory so you can transmit the data when you’re online at a later time.)
Transcribes your Handwriting – The Neo Studio app allows you to convert analog writing into text. Download the additional languages to transcribe your handwriting into another language.
Provides Longer Time Usage – M1 Plus offers 3 times the writing hours of the original M1. M1+ also automatically turns on/off when you open / close the pen cap.
Offers a Refillable Ink Cartridge – Neo Smartpens uses standard D1 pen tip so you can always replace it with Zebra 4C -0.4/-0.5/-0.7/-1, Pilot -8F/-8M, Parker D1 0.8/1, and more. Please check NeoSmartPen’s webpage for the complete list of compatible refills.

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