Large Portable 12-inch teleprompters Suitable for DSLR and camcorders, Optical Splitter Glass and Good for Tablets and Smartphones, Video Making Tools, Aluminum Body, with a Bag, No Assembly Required

Price: $139.00
(as of Jun 21,2021 19:56:16 UTC – Details)


Our teleprompter is exquisite in workmanship and at a favorable price. I hope you can have it as your best choice for making videos.

·Our teleprompter uses optical split-beam glass, which can present clear text without the trouble of speech caused by double images.
·This professional teleprompter is free of assembly, easy to fold and store, and easy to carry. It can be installed with a small camcorder or digital SLR camera to shoot and produce various videos. Good for ethusiastic maker in diffierent fields.
·You can download various teleprompter applications such as CuePrompter, PromptSmart, Nano Teleprompter,etc. from the mobile or tablet app store, and after mirror configuration you may read easily.
·Only suitable for tablets and smartphones below 12 inches.

Not include:
·Smartphone and tablet

The maximum size of the tablet that can be supported: 10.6*8.2 inch/27*21CM
The camera or camcorder is fixed with standard 1/4”20 camera mounting screws, and the distance between the camera and the teleprompter glass can be easily adjusted.

【Professional design】the body of teleprompters is made of aviation aluminum alloy, and the optical splitter glass can meet the optimal refraction angle of ergonomics. The mirror without double version and also presents clear text.
【Easy installation】This product don’t need any special assembly requirements. You just need to mount the teleprompter on a tripod and fix the frame with 45-degree angle. Put a tablet or smartphone on it, and the screen can mirror the text.
【More confidence】our teleprompter can help presenters reading the text aloud with confidence, and without any hesitation or afraid of forgetting words. Both professional and novice can have a easy start.
【Convenient to carry】collapsible style and suitcase is convenient for users to bring it into various places for video production.
【Multi-purpose】suitable for professional to record videos in Demo Hall, studios and other places. Our product can capture the most harmonious and natural smile of every family member by making home entertainment short video and daily life recording.

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